#10 Trestle Builder Identified

You may remember the May 2006 fire that took the beautiful #10 Trestle from 216 feet high and 672 feet long to ashes. The Birmingham History Center renewed interest in this trestle over Newfound Creek in a recent article about the builder J. L.  Mitchell.  The Five Mile Creek Greenway District plans to replace this […]

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Fivemile Creek Clean up 2014

Alabama Power Service Organization 2014

Here is the Alabama Power Service Oragnization blog on our July 2014 Clean up event featuring Roger McCondichie and Francesca Gross.   How many tires did we pull out of Five Mile Creek? Last count was 862!   http://alabamapowernews.com/2014/08/11/volunteers-clean-five-mile-creek-at-11th-annual-event/

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