Alabama Power Service Organization 2014

Here is the Alabama Power Service Oragnization blog on our July 2014 Clean up event featuring Roger McCondichie and Francesca Gross.


How many tires did we pull out of Five Mile Creek? Last count was 862! Fivemile Creek Clean up 2014

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Creek Clean Up July 31- August 1 2014

Public is invited to help us pull tires from Five Mile Creek in Brookside.

Over 1300 tires have been counted in the stream bed near Brookside. Help us pull out these tires for a smoother canoe ride down the creek!

Five Mile Creek Greenway Partnership with Jefferson County Department of Health

Brookside Tire Removal July 31 and August 1 (Thursday and Friday) 2014


8:00 am Registration at Five Mile Creek Canoe Company 325 Cardiff Road, Brookside, 35036

Bridgestone Tires OneTeamOnePlanet will pick up all of the tires we extract and recycle them free of charge.

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Contact Numbers Scott Hofer, JCDH, 930-1274,

Roger McCondichie, Brookside Mayor,   910-4746

Francesca Gross, Five Mile Creek Coordinator,  226-7755
Brookside Clean Up Flyer 2014

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